Sunday, January 20, 2013

Beach Body Base Camp Day 1

"Beach Body" Base Camp: Day 1!
The beach Body Base Camp has officially begun! Mary and I got in and connected last night at the airport. Fortunately my bike made it alright. The TSA gorillas unpacked it and did not pack it up properly so it got two small scratches that are barely noticeable so no worries there. Anyway, after a quick dinner and shopping trip to the land of milk and honey known as Whole Foods, we checked into our rented condo and immediately crashed. It is one sweet set up to say the least. 

Being Day 1, this morning was all about setting a base line. Being the tech/tri geek that I am, we took some body fat analysis stats using my bodyview scan, a nifty little ultrasound device that is far more accurate than the typical calipers. 

Here are the results: 

The yellow section is the depth of my fat in mm then the red zone is muscle. Overall 3% so where I have been for a while. Tracking this is not a huge priority nor a stress, but I do it because I like to keep an eye on it and geek out on the data.
Rocking the W!

We then set off on our first training ride of the camp! We set the bar high for the first workout:  5 hr ride with 6x30 minutes at race pace and 10 minutes recovery. Since we are condo is right on the Championship course we warmed up over to Lake Meade Park and then went straight into the intervals. The new bike exceeded my expectations and I cruised through all my intervals with the perfect weather conditions, great sun, and the cool temps, it was hard not to rock it. I don't think I stopped smiling the whole way. This was not only my first ride on my new bike it was my first ride outside in too long of a time. It is amazing how much easier it is to do this workout, which I have done several times, outside compared to in. The time seems to slip away. I did just under 90 miles,
holding about 270 watts for race pace work. Unfortunatley my HR monitor died into the second interval so I had to go off power and effort for the rest of the ride. You can check out the TP log for full data but thats just down right boring.

After the ride, we were both starving so we immediately hit up Whole Foods for a celebratory lunch, after which we dashed off to Trader Joes to stock up on groceries:

 Nothing but high octane fuel and with the exception of the tomato sauce all on the perimeter of the store. I avoided the cereal aisle like the plague. It really is the aisle of temptation. 

Since the pool was closed today, we rounded off the day with some yoga and core work and then a delicious dinner of spaghetti squash, mushrooms, spinach, chicken, and tomato sauce. Absolutely "scrum-diddly-uptious" to quote Charlie and the Chocolate factory!

Alright, day one is complete and in the books and I better hit the sack. Day 2 will only be better!

Plenty of (s)miles!    

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