Sunday, January 27, 2013

And the weakly "damage" is:

With today and yesterday being an off day and with the dust having cleared, the body finally recovering and the bike safe and sound (but not happy) on the trainer: here is the weekly damage: (You can see all the details on TP if you want to be a nerd):

            Total Training Hours 1/21-1/25: 25 hours
            Swimming: 7:45/24,276 yard
            Biking: 11:40/210 miles
            Running: 4:05/35.4 miles
Strength (not including yoga): 1:15 (2 TRX sessions and 1 extra core) (2 hours if you include yoga and foam roller)

(note does not inlcude last Sunday's 5hr ride
Weight at beginning: 127.0 End: 125.2
Body Fat Percentage: 3% End: 2.5%
Heart Rate Variability at End: 100 (shows I recovered!)
Approximate TSS:1400 (this may be higher or lower if I had worn my garmin in the pool and if my HR monitor had been working properly)

Some caloric highlights worth noting between Mary and myself (mostly me)—this is by no means all that we ate but some pretty impressive stats that we racked up. We should get some TSS points for this one.
·       1.5 tins of coffee which equals a lot of caffeine and a lot of cups
·       40 decaf green tea bags, we drank it pretty weak so this was a lot.
·       2 bags of sweet potatoes
·       3 tubes of Nuun, and two tubes of Gu Brew
·       1 bag of raw almonds
·       4 bags and two lb tubs of spinach
·       2 spaghetti squashes and 1 butternut squash
·       3 bags of frozen broccoli,
·       5 cartons of Almond milk
·       1 tub of Protein powder
·       2 bags of baby carrots 
·       3 bags of avocados
·       36 eggs
Other stats worth a peak at:
·       4 loads of laundry
·       6 days of awesomeness
·       .5 wicked tan
·       0 regrets 

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